Monday, September 3, 2012

Mackinac Island

After 11 years my husband and I took a vacation without our children. It was so nice, I always just feel so high strung when I have all 3 kids around, always worrying about something! It felt nice to just be carefree for 4 whole days! So I am here to blog about places we ate and things we did! We took the 75N and stopped in at the birch run outlets, they are just stores nothing really exciting but I got some shopping done and it was so peaceful not telling my children not to touch things! Frankenmuth is less than 10 minutes up the road from the outlets so we headed there for lunch and a quick look at the cuckoo cuckoo clock shop! We ate at Zehnders, they have great food and the atmosphere is awesome! Being German myself it brought me back to when my grandma used to cook for me! The spatzle was amazing and the german pickles were sooo good! I have to say they are known for their chicken and I thought it was mediocre to say the least, but my husband got the sausage and it was fantastic!
      We lodged at the Bridgeview Hotel, it was great! Although we just slept there it was very clean and comfortable, and the breakfast was really good and there was a nice selection of foods. Our first night in Mackinaw City we ate at Nona Lisa's, they have great food and the prices are decent. I would have to recommend the fried ravioli! Yummy and total diet breaker! We also ate at Dixie Saloon, service was super crappy but I had the fish and chips and it was amazing! So light and tasty! My husband had the roasted chicken and red potatoes and it was great! The portions are huge! When our food came we realized we should have just shared because we wasted a lot of food! The last night there we ate at Cunninghams Family Restaurant and the service was great and the atmosphere was so wonderful it was like being home for christmas! I just had a sandwich while my husband had their perch and it was amazing! Seriously if you like fish get the perch! Then we shared a slice of Lemon Meringue pie and that was also fantastic! They have a ton of pies so if lemon is not your thing they had well over 10 varieties.
    We ventured over the Mackinac bridge and into the UP, it was a beautiful drive. We headed to the tahquamenon falls. I wanted to bring this up because we got a flyer from the Mackinaw city website that had some confusing information on it. It said it was 55miles from the city. It was about 72 miles total. Also it talks about it taking 2 hours to get to the falls but what  it fails to tell you is that you can just park at the park pay 10$ for parking and walk just a short distance to the falls.. LOTS of stairs though so be prepared! But do the stairs because the view is amazing! There is also a microbrewery there and it has GREAT food! I also had their Blueberry Ale and it was sooo good! It was like drinking a blueberry pie. The pasties are amazing, and so are the nachos.
   It really was a fabulous trip. The Island was beautiful. It was very expensive so we did not eat on the island but we bought our weight in fudge :) I can't wait to go back and the alone time with my husband was amazing! We brought no electronics and we probably watched TV for a total of 1 hour the whole time we were there.

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