Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We are for equal rights

Lots of Chick Fil-A posts have been going around, I had the pleasure of reading a nice debate about the news that spilled out. I have always known CFA was Christian based. That's fine, you can believe that same sex marriages are a sin all you want, its when you put money from your business into supporting anti-gay rights, that really gets me going. This is America and we can all think whatever we want, but when you take your own way of thinking and want to take other peoples rights away, this is when I will boycott the CRAP out of CFA! First off we need to keep religion and state separate.. There is no reason why people should get to vote on anyone's rights as a human being, just because their religion states its wrong! I got news for you, they don't want to get married in your church anyway, and they certainly don't want to raise a family with your views! So yes I will no longer eat at CFA, because they openly came out and said they gave BILLIONS of dollars to support anti gay groups. So no, my money probably won't stop much, but I can rest assured I am not contributing to hate.

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