Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Better Late than Never

I know it has been a while since I was on here I promise I have not been eating junk and given up on my lifestyle change. I have been busy dealing with my son who is Autistic and trying to get him services in school.   I am back and I am 1 pound away from 60 lbs of weight loss!! WOO HOO! My thyroid was off so we had some medicine adjustment and lets just say my weight has sort of flip flopped I was losing 4 lbs a week for 2 weeks and then gained 2 lbs one week and lost  3 lbs last week! So tomorrow is my weigh in since my medicine was changed again last week I am not real hopeful for big things but just that 1 pound to bring me to my 60 would be awesome! I am going to add some of my daily meals on here and I am going to try to come back more frequently and post recipes and hopefully get some pictures up here because I am a huge foodie and I love taking pics of my healthy recipe's! Hopefully I can get some more followers I am not sure how to get my blog out there! Very new to this blog thing!

Mon-Fri Breakfast is 1 cup of coffee (about 8 oz) 1 tablespoon of vanilla all natural coffee creamer and one Stella Doro S cookie
Sat-Sun is usually a Naked smoothie 8 oz sometimes I will do oatmeal I like the Irish Maple and brown sugar stuff its good and all natural or sometimes I go to Mc Donalds and get the Fruit and Maple its a little high in sugar but the calories are good and I love all the fruit and fiber.

Lunch varies: I do 2 eggs 1 1/4 cup frozen shredded potatoes and a ton of bell peppers this is a little over 300 calories for me but so filling and yummy!
 I also do cereal sometimes with some fruit or Half of a pita stuff full of tuna 1 tablespoon low fat olive oil mayo and a TON of pickles! Then I eat carrots or celery or whatever fresh veggies I have

Dinner is always just a smaller portion of what I feed my family, I give them meat in their pasta sauce I will not have meat and add a little extra garlic and parm cheese I have one piece of bread which is 60 calories because it is a baguette , or I make chili and I get myself 2% cheddar cheese for the top, I put more beans than meat in it and I make my own cornbread and use 1/2% milk and omit things that may be super fattening.

This is just some samples I will come back and give some more recipes I have snacks but they are usually fresh fruit or veggies or a piece of low cal string cheese nuts are great too! Pistachios are wonderful and GREAT for you!

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