Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well the holidays were chaotic and I managed to sneak a trip in to GA with my kids! So fabulous! I even took a week off of exercise and I kept my meals good but also had a little cheesecake while visiting the cheesecake factory! Michigan does not have one of these! In the whole state there is none! Well glad to say no weight gain and I even lost one pound while I was there. Since then I have lost another 4lbs sooo a grand total of 65lbs lost so far! The weight is coming off much more slow. I am having a really hard time with my thyroid and I can feel it. One week I have lots of energy one week I have no energy and my hunger levels change! I feel super hungry sometimes and other times I flat out forget to eat because I am not hungry. So the last 2 weeks I have added circuit training in I do that 2x per week and 3 days a week I do my treadmill and weights. I have also just started getting up and moving more I am trying to stay away from the computer, and I am baking a lot which moves me around my kitchen and I am standing which burns more calories than sitting. I am in the kitchen baking several times during the day. I have started making my own bread and yummy homemade granola bars! So although I am still not seeing HUGE results in pounds lost I feel good and I will not stop exercising and eating right just because the weight is just slowly coming off now. I did hope to get to my first goal with no hiccups but it just seems like with my thyroid and probably my age I am gonna battle with the "Plateau's". This word is something that I have read many controversial aspects on. The one that sort of made me angry was, that there was no such thing as a plateau.. Well unfortunately there is! Especially for someone with a thyroid disorder. I was consistently losing 2-3lbs a week and now I am losing 1 pound a week and that seems like a struggle to get that off, yes I am still losing but its sort of a plateau its my body leveling out and getting used to the way things are. I always like to change things up to try to keep my metabolism guessing whats going on.

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