Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Haunting Past

  I feel like I have a really good week and then a bad week or not even a full week but a bad few days! My self control seems to come and go without me sometimes realizing it. My brain is still functioning the old way but I am usually okay to push through it. Its been very cold and I have been fighting a cold, these are not valid excuses they are what I use to tell myself to justify eating what I have eaten the past few days! I am sure I have gone over my calorie intake and I have not done any extra exercise other than my already active lifestyle of chasing my kids and having a million things that we have to attend. Alas I have hit my normal routine today and I am feeling a bit better about life. I am feeling like I can set some new goals and move forward. I have bought a huge Camelbak water bottle they are on sale at Target! I can't stand those metal ones they make the water taste awful and after that whole news clip about kids mouths getting stuck in them I am going to steer clear! So with that huge water bottle I am going to make sure it always has water in it and that it is always right next to me. Next thing is my processed sugar intake, it has certainly gotten out of hand and although I will not completely remove it from my diet I will be more conscious about what I put in my body. I am really anti anything fake, and although stevia and splenda are supposed to be okay I assure you I have read things that say there is not enough research. So I just stay away because it all has to be processed to get it to the fine powdery substance. Honey and pure maple syrup are really great alternatives and I use these for my yogurt and oatmeal but at night I am really struggling with my huger so I am going to try to find an alternative for night snacks, I still can have them but I probably need to eat things like popcorn, fresh fruits and veggies.. Its a lifestyle change that has not changed yet but the fact that I know they are wrong and I know I have the power to change them. Not going to dwell on the past but look forward to the things I can change, like the rest of today and tomorrow. One day at a time.

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