Friday, November 2, 2012

Before and After

I have a picture I found of myself when I needed to lose 83lbs it is NOT pretty. Before I post it up I just wanted to put my weigh in on here which was another 2lbs this week! 34lbs left to lose! I really wanted to say that you must find a happy balance when losing weight, if you eat to little you will find it very difficult to lose the weight because your body will hoard everything you eat, I learned a very hard lesson when I continued eating 1200 calories and burning probably 300-400 a day my body HATED me and I was so confused why I wasn't losing the weight! I bumped it up to 1500-1600 and such a BIG difference. I have yet to hit a plateau, please remember the more you lose each week the easier it is to gain it back if you slip up! I will lose 2lbs and say I slip and eat one to many rice crispy treats (I did this last week) well the next day I eat good and exercise and still lose 2lbs the next week, If I lost more than 3lbs I can guarantee I would gain some of that weight back. Please allow yourself semi healthy treats, and drink water! I have been putting lemon in all my drinks this week even when I work out and I feel better and its almost been a natural laxative. TMI I know but my thyroid SUCKS! I have some weeks where it will be a week and I still can't go and this REALLY hinders the weight loss! Which is why my Dr is following me closely! I need to make sure my numbers do not get off or it can be chaos! Anywho without further ado my before and after pictures! sorry the new picture is blurry my camera was having issues!

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