Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another Week Down

I didn't post earlier because I was very busy but I did lose 2 more pounds this week. So I have 36lbs to lose. Although I have been looking at my body and thinking I will just make this sort of my Short Term goal, I am thinking I will probably need to lose about 15-20lbs more to get to a real GOAL! So if I lose all that I will pretty much be at 100lbs of weight loss. I have been really hard on myself this week. I HATE hate HATE that I have gotten so fat. I was sitting looking at myself in my XXL sweat pants, and I looked at my husband and said " Its sad that these used to fit" he looked confused and said "don't you mean happy?" I had to explain that yes I am happy that I am losing weight but sad that I was so fat! These pants just hang off me now they used to be like a more fitted fleece yoga pant, its what I live in now days, I look 10x bigger than I am but why would I buy clothes when I am weekly dropping weight? In one month I could lose 12lbs and I can not keep buying clothes. I did recently buy a super cute outfit and its a little snug, well it was a lot snug 2 weeks ago and now its feels just a slight snug and I bet in 1-2 weeks it will fit perfect! I have to have things to treat myself when I hit goals, I am just a few lbs from losing 50! When I hit that I will take pictures and get something non food related! So far things have been great, I am losing weekly and I feel great! I am pretty sure I have added years on to my life.

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