Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Day!

After my 3lbs weight loss last week my weekend was a little on the BAD side! Although I got some good exercise in I did partake in some not so good food! Like Yates Cider mill Donuts and cider! I only had one donut and about 4oz of the cider but I had a few other pit falls like Wine (I love a good red wine) and french fries! I thought I could just eat 6 fries and that was it but they were homemade they were sooo good! So Bad weekend but Monday I started fresh and new and that's how the cookie crumbles! If I ate good all the time this would just not work. This does account for my wide range of weight loss from 1-3lbs if I am REALLY good I can get a 3lbs weight loss if I am not so good I can expect to lose 1 lbs probably meaning I gained back 2 lbs and then lost 1 lbs later in the week LOL. I have always battled with my weight, 10 years old I was fat and it just sort of escalated from there I was probably about 215lbs in high school when I decided to do something and although I never weighed myself I went from a size 18 to a size 10 so I lost some serious weight I looked awesome and kept it off until I got pregnant, even after pregnancy I dropped a ton of weight and then I must have been like 260lbs when she hit a year old. I had to buy Men's XXL sweatpants... I dropped down to 230 and got pregnant with my son about a year later and then I dropped a TON of weight after I had him and put it all back on until he hit 2 and I got serious. I lost 50lbs and was in a size 14 no not skinny but I looked great! I kept that off for a year and gained it all back, got pregnant again and put on another 33lbs.. So this time around I have 83lbs just to get to that size 14 weight, although this time once I hit my goal I will not just stop! I will continue doing everything I do now except I will knock down my work out to 3x a week instead of 5. That way I hopefully can maintain and maybe lose a few lbs here and there over the months. My goal is probably unlike most, everyone wants to be skinny, lots of people get to that point but I like a little weight on myself, I just want to be healthy. Curvy yet healthy. Eating should be healthy AND tasty!

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